Developing a packaging strategy can be a daunting task, especially when we consider that the strategy must encompass multiple areas. A packaging strategy is not just about redesigning packaging for marketing purposes; it is about determining the resources and systems that are used to meet long-term objectives.
As with any strategy development, there are basic steps that can be followed:
Discovery: To develop a packaging strategy, a little more insight is also required. We need to understand the industry that we are operating in and the strength of forces within the industry. We also need to understand the goals of the stakeholders within the organization.

Industry Analysis: Analysis of the industry landscape is a common step in developing business strategies, and it is also useful for developing a packaging strategy.

Stakeholder Goals: understanding the goals of stakeholders within an organization and the strengths of those goals. For example, an operations group may focus on efficiency as their main target, a marketing group may seek to have a brand recognized for its particular packaging color, and a purchasing group may strive to utilize multiple suppliers for each component type.

Develop a successful public relations strategy:
The success of public relations is one of the reasons for developing industries, as it opens up multiple markets and gains expertise among business owners.

To get rid of the distance and make the value of the investment, the comprehensive PR strategy must be based on research that helps determine the proposed value and validates the objectives of the client or the media.

Involve stakeholders: Requiring input from stakeholders, especially staff, is useful in developing a great PR strategy for two reasons.
First, the brand has deep and unique knowledge about its customers; second, they may be informal brand ambassadors. For better or worse, employee speech will always throw gaps in insufficient communication within the company. It is important to improve it.

Vision statement: The packaging function will support the company’s goal of being first to market with new technology that results in the recognition of the company as the technological leader in the industry.

Business process mission statement: To be first to market, we recognize the need to have short timelines and therefore we will design a packaging development system that allows quick decisions and uses multiple iterations consecutively.

Engineering services, a packaging function will have a portfolio of project types. The objectives in engineering services will determine the mix of project types that best support the organization. The project mix consists of cost-saving, brand maintenance, innovation and new technology, and quality improvement. When the project mix is determined, the structure or the department in terms of resources, supply base, and test facilities can be determined.

Technology, objectives related to technology will support the reliance level of an organization on new technology. The reliance level will dictate the need for computer-aided simulation or investments in research and development.

The packaging strategy is an essential component to enable a focus on meeting long-term objectives and ensuring the ongoing success and competitiveness of an organization.