Sauce Filling Solution

Sauce Filling Solution

Sauce Production

First, what could be the importance of tomato paste production?
Sauce production is a rapidly developing and innovative category worldwide, with an already wide and growing range of value-added sauce products.
This places high demands on your production and product innovation.

What is the kind of sauce can you obtain from the processing of vegetables?

Hundreds of kinds of sauces can be obtained from the processing of fruits and vegetables.
( Ketchup – Mustard – Garlic – paste – Tomato paste – Barbeque Sauce – Mayonnaise

Sauces vary tremendously based on the local market of the area of production, and each regional taste
Sauces can contain fruit or vegetables; either fresh, concentrated, frozen or in aseptic packaging.
Other ingredients are required for each recipe such as oil, spices, kinds of vinegar, etc.

Why the market trend to sauce production?

Natural products without preservatives or additives, minimized fat content with maximum taste.
High-quality sauces that bring culinary tradition to the dinner table
The greater variety of convenient meal component sauces such as pasta sauces, cooking sauces and curry pastes that save time in from-scratch cooking

Washing the fruit

We should filter tomatoes at first to ensure their quality then wash it by Sprinklers to remove any bacterial infection or soak it in huge Tanks, doing initial wash by a clean water, and take the water of the secondary wash with pulling air bubbles to flip water, then move to the secondary wash place by conveyors by splinters, then move it to the filter places, we rotate the water of the secondary wash in tanks to use it in another process after the disposition of dirt.
After washing we do a final rinse above conveyors by clean water, but we use this water in the initial stages of washing another process.

Tomato squeezing process

Tomatoes are heated with an indirect way by water vapor then must be squeezed by a big squeezer till it becomes a juice to be ready to the next step.


Then putting the sauce on a tight Filter for chopping the seeds and peels from it to be pure and soft so we can do the paste after this.


This stage of production is to heat the sauce by a suitable temperature, temperature degree is a very important norm for the quality of paste, as where a high temperature makes the color of sauce brown, so the concentration process must happen under 65°C by barometric capacitors, the sauce must be dried till never contain any water to be a concentrated sauce definitely we can do all of this after adding the salt.

Cooling and heating

After the concentration by heating the sauce, certainly we have an important stage to do, which is the sterilization, to protect any product from damage and pollution we should sterilize it, the paste must be cooled to be purified from any bacteria then heat it up initially as the last stage of product manufacture before packaging.

Filling and bottling

Filling into jars “Sauce is filled hot into the sterilized jars, by piston pump fillers, metal caps are vacuum capped on the jars, allowed to cool down through the cooling tunnel and finally the label is labeled on the jars. making the Sauce jars ready for distribution. Businesses may sell their Sauce to customers directly, or they might sell to retailers.


Sauces can vary in thickness depending on their ingredients, which is why you need to make sure you have the right filling equipment for your packaging line. In addition to liquid filling equipment, we offer other types of liquid packaging machinery to meet your needs, based on the shape and size specifications of your packaging.

The Product

What is the viscosity? What is production Capacity? Are there chunks? Is it hot Packed?

Capping Characteristics

What type of cap is required? Does it require Heat Sealing, Induction Heating, Crimping for metal or Aluminum Cap? Does it require Special treatment?


Where is the machine going to be located? Electricity needed? Electricity consumption? What types of cleaning and maintenance processes are required? Does it need an air compressor