Sugarcane Juice Machine

Healthy sugarcane juice is a natural energy drink, so CUBII has created the happiness juicer, a machine that will make the world happy because it will provide special benefits and advantages to those countries where sugarcane is grown, it will create thousands of jobs and small projects for youth. It is a dream for most people to drink fresh juice Where this dream can come true and now you can order the happiness juice for once and happiness is guaranteed for life. It is suitable for many places such as hotels, clubs, restaurants, and cafes so that it can be placed in hospitals, factories, companies, theaters, and wedding halls to benefit millions of people.​

Technical Specifications

  • Electric motor 0.5 hp.
  • 3 rolls with an effective design of food-grade stainless steel 304L.
  • Dimensions – length 54 cm x width 29 cm x height 41 cm.
  • The juicer body and all contact parts with the product are made of stainless steel 304L.
  • Electricity consumption is economical and it is a high squeezing capacity, as it produces 120 kg per hour.
  • Electricity cable, one and a half meters long.
  • The total weight of the machine is 64 kg.
  • 100% safety operational.
  • Extract 65% of the juice from the first time.

Better hygiene tips

  • Wash the juicer if it has not been used for some time and before the juicing process.
  • The machine should be washed thoroughly with water at the end of the day.
  • Wash the rollers with a brush to clean them thoroughly.
  • Wash the sugarcane thoroughly with a brush in running water before squeezing.
  • Adding lemon to sugarcane juice increases the shelf life of the juice and also helps maintain the natural color of the sugarcane juice for a longer time.

How to clean the machine

Cleaning the juicer is very easy and takes 10 seconds just open the handle (counterclockwise) under the inlet, and open the lid, so you can see the 3 rollers. Start the machine (in reverse) and apply a special brush to the rotating rollers and pour some water. Put your hands away. Then stop the machine. Close the top cover. Thus the machine can be completely cleaned.

fall in love with our features

High Extraction Capacity

The entire juice is extracted in one pressing process. No need to juice again as the capacity is high and produces 120 kg of sugar cane in one hour and gives more than 360 cups of juice 200 ml.

Economical Energy Consumption

Unlike traditional juicers, the energy consumption of happiness juicer is very economical, as it can be used anywhere that has a 220V household electrical connection.

Environmentally Friendly

All parts in contact with the juice are made of food-grade stainless steel.

Tight & Effective

happiness juicer Highly effective, powerful, noiseless, and also completely sealed to prevent insects from entering as there are no open parts as in conventional sugarcane juicers.

Small Size

The happiness juicer is small in size as it can be moved from one place to another easily and the machine is also completely safe.

After Sales Service

Two years warranty, periodic maintenance is not required, you only need regular cleaning.

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CUBII has created the happiness juicer, a machine that will make the world happy