Cooling tunnel

Cooling tunnel

Cooling tunnel

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Suitable for: Cooling juice, Jam, Sauce bottles

Juice cooling tunnel ideal for lowering the temperature of the filled bottles.

Manufactured of Stainless steel hygienic 304L.
Speed control with frequency regulator.
digital display for regulating the temperature.
Speed control with frequency regulator is divided into three stages ( hot water spray, warm water spray, then cold water spray).
the bottles are cooled to 40:45 °C.
Mounted on adjustable legs.

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Cooling Tunnel

Since producers of food and beverage products fill containers with the hot product to kill bacteria, increase the shelf life of the product, and decrease the viscosity of the product, making the filling process more efficient.

So Cooling the containers after hot filling is essential to preserve the taste and nutritional value of the product.
It also helps with the labeling and handling of bottles down the production line.
When a glass or plastic bottle is hot, the sticky adhesive used for labeling is inhibited from setting, causing labels to move or fall off.
Cooling will allow the adhesive to stick and makes handling the bottles safer as workers will not be exposed to the high-temperature products.

Juice cooling tunnel ideal for lowering the temperature of the filled bottles

The primary cooling source used is water, which is recirculated within each zone of the Cooling Tunnel.
New water is only added to the system when the reservoir water exceeds the preset temperature.

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