Over flow machine

Over flow machine

Over flow machine

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CUBII Over Flow Machine is suitable for filling medium and low viscosity liquids as well as foaming liquids.

juice, oil, water, vinegar, milk, disinfectants, and chemicals.


– Manufactured of Stainless steel hygienic 304L & 316L.
– High Speed & Productivity.
– Machine working with 220v (6-8 bar dry air).
– All of the machine functions are controlled by PLC.
– Tank with a level control valve, with a tight cover.
– Filling valves manufactured from stainless steel.
– Stainless steel Conveyor.
Production capacity depends on the number of nozzles the size of the container, the Product, filling range & no. of valves.

( 4 nozzles – 8 nozzles – 10 nozzles – 12 nozzles – 14 nozzles ).


Overflow machine allows you to fill up your bottle and jars. This type of filler is the best suited for liquids with low to medium viscosity.
The machine consists of a hygienic stainless steel base within which the supply side of a two-part nozzle uses to pump product into the container.
When the container fills up to the target filling range, the excess product and foam are forced out of the container via the return side to the original product source tank.
what the advantage of Overflow machine?
In this paragraph, I’m discussing a few reasons why the overflow best suitable for you,It’s allows you to handle a wide range of liquids.
It used for liquids with very small to no particulates, it adapts products that are “foamy” by nature, and often used in fill-to-level glass applications.
Above all, Ease of cleaning, ease of setup and expandable output makes this machine a favorite of growing companies.
In particular, the machine is suitable for the filling of oil, vinegar, juice, milk, and syrup.
The machine is Manufactured of Stainless steel hygienic 304L & 316L.
What Products Can It Fill?
Depending on the viscosity and type of product to be filled.
Overflow can be customized with a wide range of components:
Liquid products (water,Juice, oil, vinegar, milk and chemicals).
What is the product model we have?
The overflow machine has five models..

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Automatic line filling machine “Overflow ” video

The Overflow machine 12 nozzle model
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