How you choose the filling machine?

How you choose the filling machine?

How you choose the filling machine ?

If you are thinking about buying a filling machine for your product, these questions will help you decide what is the most suitable filling machine for your product:

What Will You Be Filling?

The first question you should ask yourself is: what kind of product you will fill, for instance, a liquid product like juice, water or vinegar would need a totally different filling mechanism from filling a solid product like beans or grains.

Also in case of a liquid product, you should ask if it is carbonated or not, carbonated beverages need a specialized filling machine that is suitable for it, such a machine is called a counter pressure filler, it helps to preserve the carbonation of the liquid.

What is your Container Type?

When you are choosing a filling machine, you need to keep in mind that the type of container you are going to use is a crucial part in deciding what is the right filler for you.

A filler that fills a glass bottle might not be suitable to fill a tin can, this will help determine what type of filling technique the machine must use.

Production Capacity
When buying a filing machine you should keep in your mind your current and future production plans, as it might be difficult to upgrade your filing machine, and this will help you determine which type of filler automation system you will need, an automatic filler is suitable for large scale production, while a semi-automatic filler is better if you are going to fill less than 2000 to 2500 containers per day or you might even need a manual filling machine if it’s a very low production rate.
Filling System

When thinking of buying a filing machine you should think what kind of filing system will be best for you: a liquid-level filler or volumetric filling machine.