Bergamot: an exotic fruit with great benefits:

Bergamot: an exotic fruit with great benefits:

Bergamot: an exotic fruit with great benefits:

Bergamot is a type of citrus that many people do not know, because these fruits and their oil have many health and aesthetic benefits, let us learn about them in the following article.

What is bergamot?

It is believed that bergamot is a hybrid that mixes lemon and orange, and the fruits of bergamot are usually ready for picking at the end of winter.

Bergamot fruits are distinguished by their coarse peel, from which bergamot oil is extracted, which is a commonly used essential oil and is used in the manufacture of the famous Earl-Grey tea. Bergamot oil is also used in the manufacture of many different types of perfumes and cosmetics.

As for the bergamot pulp, it contains a scarce amount of sour juices, so the bergamot fruits are not commercially common, but rather they are picked in order to extract the bergamot oil from them.

Benefits of bergamot and its oil:

1- Reducing depression:

– It has been found that bergamot oil may help relieve depression, as:

One study showed that bergamot oil contains natural compounds that help induce relaxation and make a person calmer and less anxious.

– Another study showed that bergamot oil has a possible effect on hormones in the body, and this may be the reason for the oil’s effectiveness in fighting depression and some other psychological and neurological problems.

2- Reduce bad cholesterol levels:

One study showed that bergamot juice contains special compounds that may have an effective effect in lowering bad cholesterol levels. These compounds are: Brutieridin and Meltidin.

3- Fight acne:

Bergamot oil contains a high percentage of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so it may help treat acne when applied topically on the pimple, but it is worth noting the following:

– Bergamot oil is not suitable for sensitive skin.

– It is best to mix bergamot oil with a diluted oil first before applying it to the pimple.

– Use bergamot oil on the skin only at night, and it is strictly forbidden to use it during the day.

4- Reduce high blood pressure:

It is possible for bergamot oil to help reduce high blood pressure, as it was found that inhaling a mixture of 3 essential oils, one of which was bergamot oil, 4 times a day for several consecutive weeks, helped reduce stress levels and reduce high blood pressure levels in a group of blood pressure patients.

5- Pain relief:

Bergamot oil may have a remarkable anesthetic effect on the nerves, as it was found that the use of this oil may help relieve various body aches, such as: muscle pain, and headache.

6- Improve oral and dental health:

Because of the naturally antibacterial properties of bergamot oil, it may help improve oral health in general, by preventing the growth and reproduction of bacteria that cause various oral and dental problems such as cavities.

7- Other benefits of bergamot:

The benefits of bergamot and its oil are not limited to the above, but also extend to the following potential benefits:

– Lowering blood sugar levels.

– Accelerate wound healing.

– improve digestion.

– Fever prevention.

– Fighting respiratory diseases.

– Treating various infections.

– fight cancer.

How to use bergamot oil?

To get the aforementioned benefits of bergamot oil, here is a list of the different ways to use it:

– For oral and dental health: Rub your teeth with two or three drops of bergamot oil, or add a drop of this oil to your toothpaste.

– To improve digestion: mix a few drops of bergamot oil with a small amount of a carrier oil, then massage your stomach area with the resulting mixture.

– To improve mood and stimulate relaxation: Add a few drops of bergamot oil to a room humidifier or to candles in the room.

Warnings and harms of bergamot:

Bergamot and its oil may cause a number of complications and damage to some, so the following tips and advice must be adhered to:

– Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid eating bergamot or using bergamot oil completely.

– You should stop eating bergamot or using its oil about two weeks before any surgery.

– Bergamot and its oil may increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, so be careful.

– Children eating large quantities of bergamot fruits may cause death, so it is preferable that bergamot should not be given to children in any way.

– Bergamot oil may cause complications or an allergic reaction when applied to the skin, especially when used naked without mixing it with diluted oil, such as: redness, burning, rash, and pain.

– Bergamot oil may interact negatively with some types of medications, so it is best to consult your doctor first before using it, especially if you have diabetes.

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