how to achieve safety in a factory

how to achieve safety in a factory

Factories are places of risky and dangerous work which involves heavy machinery, maybe chemicals, hardware etc. It definitely has a higher risk of causing injuries and damage to human lives who are employed in these factories,so you have to take care of employees, visitors and passers by, it’s important you take health and safety seriously within a factory environment.

Hopefully, you’ve carried out a risk assessment and taken measures to lower the risks and while some health and safety measures are usually quite obvious, others need a bit more thought and attention. With this in mind, here we show you must-haves for the best health and safety in a factory environment:


Use suitable equipment for work:Using the wrong tool for the job may mean that the tool gets broken and needs to be replaced, plus the worker may be injured. Using the right tool means that the job can be done at less risk to the individual and more efficiently.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):It is a legal requirement to wear proper safety gear and equipment before entering factories and getting down to work, a lot of factory employees ignore this requirement. Factory workers and employees get into accidents which could’ve been avoided, had they been wearing proper safety gear , PPE includes clothing, glasses, footwear, head protection that employees can utilize to protect themselves from hazards in the manufacturing environment.Organizations need to assess the appropriate PPE that is required for each job; purchase the appropriate PPE; make sure the employee is fitted appropriately for the PPE and train the employee on how to wear and utilize the PPE.Of course, PPE needs to be maintained, assessed, and updated on a regular basis , Factory safety officers should conduct surprise safety checks and inspections to make sure that all the factory workers are wearing proper safety gear and equipment.

Employee Training:One of the first steps manufacturers can take toward employee safety is to ensure that all new (and existing) workers are comprehensively trained on their job responsibilities and various safety techniques. They should know what PPE to wear, how to maintain or service heavy machinery, proper lock/out tagout procedures and any other need-to-know workplace safety information.

Maintaining Cleanliness:Keeping your work area clean does wonders when it comes to preventing accidents. A clean and organized area helps to create a better, less stressful work atmosphere. Many factors should be taken into consideration, including proper ventilation and lighting fixtures.

Inspect and maintain:Employers need to devise and implement a system of planned preventative maintenance and inspection to ensure that tools and workplace machines continue to offer good service and break down less frequently. Start with the manufacturer’s suggestions but then look at how much you use the machine in question – does it need to be maintained more or less often.

Avoid Tracking Hazardous Materials:To ensure that hazardous materials are not accidentally tracked into other areas, make sure that work area mats are maintained and kept clean. Prevent cross-contamination by using different cleaning materials—such as mops—for various spills, and change clothes if you spill toxic materials on them. Also, if you work with toxic materials, do not wear your work clothes home.


Eliminate Fire Hazards:If you are using combustible materials in the work environment, only keep the amount you need for the task at hand. When you are not using the flammable material, store the chemical in an assigned safe storage area away from sources of ignition. Also, store combustible waste in metal receptacles and dispose of it daily.


Clear Signage:It is a health and safety requirement that you fix signs around the factory where there is a possible hazard. This includes labelling and making workers aware of everything from hot taps in kitchens and bathrooms to alerting people to buried cables.


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