Industrial flavors from ancient times to today

Industrial flavors from ancient times to today

Spices and flavors have been used for thousands of years all over the world, beginning when people used simple herbs or spices to flavor their food.  Today, the flavor industry is composed of hundreds of companies all over the world.

The most important thing about orange juice is that it is very rich in vitamin C, which is one of 

the water-soluble vitamins that have antioxidant properties.

The shelves of shops and stores are filled with ready-made packages that tempt children, and with many varieties, and interesting packages of “potato” products, which are called “chipsy”, after adding many preservatives, oils, fats, sodium, colored materials and industrial flavors that are not mentioned in the list of contents, as well as being free. Of nutritional value. This product is considered one of the favorite foods for children as it enriches the taste of the mouth because it contains high carbohydrates and this is one of its detriments. These starches push children to eat large quantities of them, which leads them to stay away from eating other natural and healthy foods, and it also includes hydrogenated oils, which have an effect. Negative because it is of poor quality and heat treatment, and it causes several health problems such as high blood fats, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea sometimes depending on the nature of the body and in the long term, hydrogenated oils may be a cause of cancer, as well as the harmful effects of preservatives and their harmful effect on the liver. These foods contain a high percentage of saturated fats, and they lead to intestinal disorders and an increase in weight, and the large number of salts in them may lead to high blood pressure, and the preservatives that are added to them, reduce the efficiency of the stomach on digestion and lead to intestinal upset, and there are types of them. It contains tempting hot spices that usually cause stomach and duodenal ulcers, especially in children. Fast food, especially “chips”, is a threat specifically threatening children who suffer from obesity, or who have a genetic predisposition to obesity, and it has become known what these foods cause them from health problems. Many medical studies indicate that eating this amount of fats present in “chips” on a daily basis poses a great danger to the health of children in the long run. Some of the bad eating habits that people practice daily have raised the concerns of the medical community due to the high rates of obesity in children. There is no doubt that there is a strong relationship between early obesity and the rapid spread of diabetes, blood pressure, spinal diseases, high cholesterol, asthma and some types of cancer. Medical and nutritional research has shown that when children eat fast food that contain large amounts of fat and flavors, it affects the chemistry of the brain, and robs them of will, so the decision to stop these meals becomes very difficult, just as cigarettes and addictive drugs do. Therefore, the content of these foods must be disclosed to help children and their families make the right decisions regarding their choice of healthy foods and meals. It is time for us to reconsider our food culture, and for parents to pay attention to the importance of not being drawn into and being lenient with their children in front of the temptations of the items and items offered in the markets, because the most important problem here is the negative attitudes that directly cause children’s addiction to eating these harmful types of food. The misfortune is that the inherent dangers do not appear


What are natural and manufactured flavors?

Flavors are (mixtures of) substances used to give a taste or aroma to food. Different classes of flavors are defined by law, such as flavorings that are natural, or identical to natural or artificial, the preparation of flavors of plant or animal origin, the manufacture of flavors and smoked flavors.

Natural flavors are flavored substances or preparations that are extracted from vegetables or animal materials that have a chemical modification or are changed. Vanilla extract example.

Natural flavors are substances that are chemically identical to natural substances, but those obtained by means of chemical processes or chemical modification of other natural substances. An example is vanillin, which is identical to the vanillin found in vanilla, but is not obtained from the vanilla pod.

Artificial flavors are substances obtained by chemical processing or chemical modification of natural substances, but they are not present in natural compounds.

Flavoring preparations are a compound of natural origin, but not very pure. For example apple juice concentrate can be taken as a flavoring preparation.

Process flavors are substances that are formed from natural substances through processing, mainly from heating. A general example is caramel, which is produced by heating sugar.

Smoky flavors means a smoked extract used in traditional food smoking processes. These are obtained by combining smoke into a liquid, which can be used in various manufacturing processes.

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