The Importance of maintenance

The Importance of maintenance

The Importance Of Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is a necessary requirement for keeping your machines running at peak efficiency. Unanticipated downtime of your machines can result in a stop in production, delay in shipping to customers and costs of unexpected repairs. 

With scheduled maintenance, you are assured that your machines are going to operate at 100% efficiency at all times and under safe conditions, both for the machine and the operators. Through a daily machines’ inspection, cleaning, lubricating and making small adjustments, possible issues can be detected and fixed before they become a major problem that can shut down a production line and cause major cost. 

Machine’s breakdown true cost: A recent survey showed the actual cost for a breakdown is between four to fifteen times the maintenance costs. When the breakdown causes production to stop, the costs are very high because no products are being produced, and will not just cause a financial loss, but it will harm you production reputation due to the delay in delivering products to the customers. 

Big companies recently are changing their approach toward maintenance by implementing a new service business model to change maintenance systems into smart service and asset management solutions. They reduce downtime and provide the ability to look ahead at the quality of products before they are shipped by closely watching equipment performance and machine wear. 

Rather than waiting for the machine to fail then fix it, they are now working on predicting when the machine would fail to prevent it.