Purification and bottling of mineral water

Purification and bottling of mineral water

The enemy friend. A Drop of water can wear out the rock.
The secret of the existence of life … And the mystery of its end. Is different in everything … the magical substance
A good solvent …And a powerful destroyer …The number of H2O molecules in 10 drops of water is equal to the number of all-stars in the universe!

The more time passes, the more people will realize that their health is more important than their money.
Many people currently buy mineral water permanently because it is safer than domestic water. Since the volume of demand is increasing, the idea of establishing a factory based on manufacturing bottles, purification and filling mineral water in those bottles is considered One of the productive projects that can achieve great success at the present time

In this project, a number of liters of water are purified up to 1000 liters per hour, that is, 8000 liters of water are purified in one rose (8 hours duration).
The number of bottles that are manufactured per hour with a 2-gallon machine is 1100 bottles, and therefore 8800 bottles can be produced per one shift.
24 bottles are filled per minute of 1000 ml capacity, so the number of bottles that can be filled per hour is 1440 bottles and thus 11520 bottles are filled in the shift.
1000 stickers are placed on the bottles per hour, and thus 8000 stickers can be placed in the shift, which is 8000 bottles of water manufactured.
There is a way to increase production quantities from each of the previous lines, where some adjustments can be made to machines to increase the production rate.

Manufacturing and packing stages:
This stage is carried out on three important steps that must be completed in order, namely: –
1. The water is initially purified, and this is bypassing the water from an external source in the water purification plant.
2. The water purified in the previous step is placed in a stainless steel tank.
3. The purified water is transferred from the stainless steel tanks to the packing department and then we start in the third stage of operation, and this stage is in the packing section, which is divided into several stages.

Rinsing, filling, caulking:
1. There is an automatic rinse device for the manufactured bottles, and rinsed bottles are placed automatically, which will definitely be before the filling process.
2. The bottles are automatically filled in, then the cap is pressed on them, then the seal on the cap is on the day of production and its shelf life.
3. The bottles are placed on a special belt and transferred to the sterilization area.

After the bottle has been sterilized from top to bottom, inside and outside manually by the necessary heat, it is passed through its own belts to pack in special cartons or attached to wrapping it according to the chosen factory packaging method, and its expiration date or expiration date and batch number are placed on the bottle wall Or bottle caps before filling them out

Thermal adhesive: –
In this step, the bottles are passed after they have been filled through the thermal glue tunnel, in order for the stickers to stick around the bottles and also at the neck of the bottle.

Final packaging: –
In this step, the final packaging process for the bottles is made to be ready for transfer out of the factory and then sold and distributed.

Automatic water and the light liquid filling machine uses a piston pump