The amazing health benefits of mango juice

The amazing health benefits of mango juice

Mango is known as the king of the fruits. It grows mostly in tropical climates and has been a favourite among humans for over 4000 years. Mango and its juice, commonly known as “aam ras” contain many vital vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy human body. Mango is a very sweet fruit and hence one does not need to add sugar in it, and hence it makes it very beneficial for health.

Mangoes are a powerhouse of vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium, iron and many other nutrients which help in fighting infections, as well as maintaining overall well-being of the body. The exotic fruit is stimulating and nourishing and is enjoyed most during the summer months, known for its delicious and heavenly taste. There are various varieties of Mangoes ranging from sweet to sour and hence their juices taste differently. Filled with potassium, the juice helps build and repair muscles and hence is a favorite among bodybuilders and athletes. There are various other benefits of the juice which are listed below.

Health Benefits of Mango Juice:

 Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Mango juice nourishes your body with sufficient amounts of Vitamin C. The pectin and Vitamin C combine to facilitate the human body in lowering the serum cholesterol levels, especially Low-Density Lipoprotein.

Stomach Problems

Another extremely helpful aspect of high mango consumption is always that they’re excellent in dealing with stomach problems. Struggling with conditions like irregularity is usually due to the insufficient fiber rich foods within the regular diet. However, mangoes are well known because of their considerable fiber content as well as play a huge role in assisting the body deal with stomach associated difficulties. If you suffer from an inflammatory bowel symptoms, on the other hand, it is strongly advised that you prevent any considerable mango consumption since it is only prone to worsen the problem. Experts will suggest that you possess some quantity of mango consumption in a well planned and proper diet so as to encourage overall health.

Blackheads’ treatment

Fed up with blackheads? In that case then nothing can beat mango juice. Even a few ladies utilize mango pulps as well as scrubs with a mixture of honey as well as milk powder. A great cure for the blackhead problems.


Mango is recognized as to possess a rather beneficial impact on the baby’s growth patterns. Mango juice for pregnancy is actually a wonderful option. The fact that it features a low-calorie count together with considerable resources of vitamin C, fiber as well as vitamin A, it just serves to increase the rate of the child’s mental and physical development. Moreover, the beta carotene content in the fruit implies that it considerably aids in preventing the development of heart disease both in the mother along with the child.

Maintains Blood Pressure

Mango juice offers the essential nutrient, potassium which helps your muscles, heart as well as nerves’ functions. This particular advantageous mineral also manages the balance of fluids within your body as well as your blood pressure.


Mango juice contains potassium, a mineral that helps your heart, nerves and muscles function properly. Potassium also regulates blood pressure and the balance of fluids in your body. One cup of mango fruit supplies about 325 milligrams of potassium. A serving of mango juice, without added water or sugar, contains about 300 milligrams of potassium.


A serving of mango juice supplies one-quarter of the daily recommended beta-carotene intake. The deep orange color of mangos supplies beta-carotene. Your body uses beta-carotene to make vitamin A, which keeps your eyes healthy. Vitamin A and beta-carotene also work in conjunction to promote good skin and skeletal health.

For Eye Health

Consuming mangoes or mango juice is the best way to provide your body the crucial nutrient, Vitamin A. It acts as the best defender against eye problems i.e. dry eyes and night blindness in addition to promoting good eyesight.

Alkalizes the Whole Body

Malic acid, tartaric acid and a trace of citric acid are available in fresh mango juice. These acids facilitate to maintain the alkali reserve of the body.

Boosts the Immune System

Vitamin C, Vitamin A and carotenoids are found in mango juice. These constituents combine together to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

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