Caffeine headache when addicted to stimulating drinks … How to overcome it

Caffeine headache when addicted to stimulating drinks … How to overcome it

Most people drink stimulants on a daily basis so that they can start their day and feel an improvement in their mood, as these drinks contain different percentages of caffeine, which is an alkaline stimulant substance that stimulates and stimulates the nervous system, relieves headache pain, and activates the kidneys, but in general, caffeine effects and changes Mainly in body chemistry, and it may come to an addiction to drinking these stimulants, but everything has its drawbacks and positives.

Types of stimulating drinks:

 Coffee: It is one of the strongest types of caffeine and stimulants in general, and is used almost by many age groups, so young and old take it in the morning so that they can focus and start their work.

Tea: it is one of the usual drinks in our Egyptian and Arab society, and we can drink it at any time.

Cola: It is the substance found in most soft drinks, and it is a highly effective stimulant.

The positive effect of stimulant drinks:

 It is known that a lot of stimulant drinks that contain caffeine and other stimulants are harmful to health, but despite this, there are some benefits that we can get from these stimulant drinks, which are: Maintaining the level of brain capabilities, affecting memory and focus better. Protecting brain cells from damage or deterioration, by protecting cells from protein accumulation that leads to their damage over time. Coffee contains caffeine, which contains antioxidants, which protect the body’s cells from many diseases that may be exposed, such as Alzheimer’s disease. It reduces the risk of diabetes, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and other diseases.

The benefits and harms of tea and coffee The negative effect of stimulating drinks:

The negative effects of these drinks are many and more than their benefits, including: 

Causing anemia or anemia, because these drinks prevent the proper absorption of iron in the body. It reduces the efficiency of the work of the pancreas, as it stimulates the liver to produce a large amount of glucose, which forces the pancreas to secrete a huge amount of insulin to absorb the excess amount of sugar, which exhausts the work of the pancreas all the time and reduces the efficiency of its work. Cause depression and general weakness in the body. It impedes the work of the temporary memory and this appears in forgetting some of the obvious things, such as forgetting some people’s names, according to what an Italian study has shown. Therefore, we advise students to avoid drinking stimulants and caffeine during study and during exams in particular. Stimulants greatly affect the body by blocking many nutrients and not fully benefiting the body, as caffeine causes the body to lose a good proportion of the necessary vitamins and minerals and many elements through the urine. It negatively affects pregnant and breastfeeding women, as the persistence of drinking stimulants may lead to deformation of the fetus and sometimes miscarriage, and harm infants directly.

Moderation is always better

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