Aesthetic specifications in the design of food packaging products and their effect on attracting customers’ attention

Aesthetic specifications in the design of food packaging products and their effect on attracting customers’ attention

Every morning the owners of commercial enterprises wake up and have a new hope of attracting more customers to buy their products and goods.

I think that nothing can make the owner of any commercial enterprise feel more happy and successful than attracting customers to him, to make a deal or sell a new sale, which contributes to increasing his number column …

But there remains a question in the minds of entrepreneurs about how to attract customers to their stores or companies, or in other words, how can they achieve more sales by attracting customers to buy their goods and products? How can they also have a huge client base?

If you ask yourself such smart and logical questions, then this is more than good, because smart questions are the keys to searching for smart and effective solutions as well .. And if you are looking for ideas to attract customers, then you are confident that you are in the right place.

We at Al-Rabehin are interested in answering all the questions that the project owners are looking for answers to..We do a lot of study and analysis in the beginning, in order to reach solutions from the reality of the commercial market, then we offer you the best solutions that can help you achieve your commercial goals. 

If you are looking for ideas to attract customers to your products, follow the article with us until the end..I suggest that you also bring a paper and a pen, in order to record important notes and ideas that may have you while reading, so that you do not forget them.

Ideas to attract customers

When we talk about attraction, we always associate it with magnets. We have become accustomed that magnets are the easiest tool for attracting the things we want.

As for commercial attraction, it is also somewhat similar to that of magnets, because we are looking for a tool or tools that can help us attract our commercial goals and achieve them, and of course attracting customers is at the top of the list of these goals.

Let’s start now by reviewing a group of ideas to attract customers:

1- Interesting marketing phrases (the magic of the word).

The word always remains a major marketing and selling force to be reckoned with, if it is properly employed for the benefit of your business.

But do you imagine that there are people who pay money for words that are fun and interesting?! Certainly not, we are all looking for the amount of comfort, pleasure and value, for which we can pay money for them to buy products and services, that is, we pay to get behind those words that leave a trace In our souls.

Interesting marketing phrases are a type of “hidden” marketing that addresses the feelings of customers, and drives their internal desires to obtain what is better, distinct, different, and also saving.

Intriguing and touching phrases and words make the customer feel: that what he gets really deserves to take a step towards it and buy it.

Read some of the following marketing sentences with me:

No worries anymore.

Soon … wait for us.

Product with warranty.

Don’t miss the opportunity.


A very unique experience.

For lovers of high-end classics.

Enjoy unlimited luxury.

Your way to an easier life.

Too light you will not feel its weight.

Discover life with us again.

All you need in one place.

Available now at unbeatable prices.

Save 2% today and get …

Book now and pay when you receive the product.

Certainly, you have come across some or many of these phrases or others on the banners of shops and commercial websites, which are used by product owners to promote their goods and attract customers to them.

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There are an endless number of interesting marketing phrases and words that arouse the curiosity of customers, and drive their desire to get something special, even if they do not need it at the present time, only for fear of missing the opportunity.

Choose some interesting phrases from what we presented, add what suits the nature of your product, and also share with us through comments, by adding other interesting and interesting marketing phrases to the curiosity of customers that you may have used previously ..

2- More specialized and targeted offers (make them feel special).

There is no doubt that continuous and distinctive offers are great ideas to attract customers, but what about the more specialized offers, which are directed to one specific segment of customers ?!

It is a viral method of attracting customers..Let me explain this to you with a marketing example that has already occurred, as a kind of “case studies” that you can apply to your product to attract more customers ..

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