Cod liver oil health benefits

Cod liver oil health benefits

What are the benefits of cod liver oil for your health? The nutritional values carried to your body?Cod liver oil, or fish liver oil, is an oil extracted from the liver of Atlantic cod, known for its many healing properties because it contains important fatty acids and vitamins.

1. Cancer prevention

Thanks to the content of cod liver oil rich in vitamin D, it plays an important role in the process of regulating cell growth and the communication between them.

The study showed the importance of vitamin D in preventing the development of breast cancer in women and reducing the development of cancer by slowing the growth and development of blood vessels, increasing the death of cancer cells and limiting their proliferation and division.

Reducing triglyceride levels

One study published in the journal, which was conducted on a number of patients with heart attack, showed that taking cod liver oil contributed to reducing the levels of triglycerides in their blood, while it did not show a significant effect on cholesterol levels in the blood

Relieving muscle pain

Bone and muscle pain are two of the main symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. People who are deficient in this vitamin experience significant leg pain and have difficulty climbing stairs. Studies have also shown that a teaspoon or two of cod liver oil increases vitamin D levels in the body. This helps reduce muscle pain and improves muscle strength as well.

Preventing heart disease

A daily dose of a teaspoon or two of cod liver oil improves heart function, even after heart surgery or a heart attack. This, in turn, helps prevent diseases that affect the heart. The nutritional content of cod liver oil of omega-3 fatty acids is the line of defense for the arteries after damage, thus improving healing. Minerals are also facilitated by vitamins D and A, thus supporting the elasticity of blood vessels and improving muscle function.

Control of type 1 diabetes in children

The results of a study showed that pregnant women who consumed 1 teaspoon cod liver oil daily were less at risk of having babies with type 1 diabetes. However, pregnant women are advised to consult their doctors before consuming cod liver oil on a regular basis.

Maintaining brain health and mental health

The human brain has a high concentration of omega-3, and cod liver oil also contains omega-3 fatty acids, supplementing with whale oil gives the brain and mental health a boost. It has potential benefits for conditions like ADHD and depression and also notes possible efficacy for psychosis and bipolar disorder.

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