Basil is well known in folk medicine as well as being a flavoring food

Basil is well known in folk medicine as well as being a flavoring food

Basil is one of the most widely known and used herbs, whether it is for decoration or cooking purposes, or to use it as a herbal drink, or also to benefit from the seeds of basil in many therapeutic purposes, there is no doubt that basil has many wonderful health and therapeutic benefits
“Basil is mentioned twice in the Noble Qur’an, once in Surah Al-Rahman verse (12) where God Almighty said: [And love that is blustery and windy, for what are the signs of your Lord you deny] and once in Surah Al-Waqiah in verse (89), where the Most High said: (As for whether it is from Those who are close to you are a spirit, a soul, and a paradise of bliss)

And it came in Sahih Muslim on the authority of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace: “Whoever is offered basil to him and does not return it, it is light and fragrant and has a pleasant smell.

God Almighty does not create anything without its benefit, and basil is a plant with a pleasant smell and it is a leafy herb like mint.

The health benefits of basil:

This plant contains flavonoids and volatile oils, and these work to protect the nuclear material
of the cell DNA, and the large number of flavonoids contribute to protecting cells, as both Vicenin and Orientin, which are two flavonoids dissolved in water, protect the cellular structure and cell chromosomes from the influence of radiation and free oxygen.

Resistance to mycotoxins

Rosmarinic acid, which is one of the components of basil oil, works to get rid of mycotoxins, especially Aflatoxin B1 and Ochratoxin A, which destroy liver cells by protecting DNA and protein, and it is known that rosmarinic is a natural phenolic compound found in many medicinal herbs, including mint.

Source of minerals and vitamins

Basil contains vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Fight the flu and colds

Basil oil is one of the essential oils that can be used to treat or relieve symptoms of the flu and colds, which is often attributed to the natural anti-infection and anti-virus properties of this type of oil.

Fight acne

Basil oil may have a potential ability to alleviate acne for some, as a study conducted on a group of acne sufferers showed that their regular use of a medicinal mixture containing basil oil helped reduce and improve the appearance of their acne.

But it must be noted that the aforementioned study included the use of 3 different mixtures, one of which contained basil oil only among its components, and all the mixtures used actually helped alleviate acne when applied topically to the affected areas regularly.

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