Carob syrup poor natural pharmacy know its benefits

Carob syrup poor natural pharmacy know its benefits

The carob has a delicious and attractive taste, in addition to it contains countless benefits, whether on the nutritional, medical or aesthetic side, as it is characterized by the presence of unique natural ingredients, which help to get rid of some health problems effectively.

Carob can be eaten on the grounds that it is one of the factors that have a great role in preventing dangerous diseases, and it has a wonderful effect on the aesthetic aspects, and many people prefer it in juices and drinks.

Carob helps maintain a healthy heart and digestive system, it is an ideal food for people who suffer from diabetes, and has great benefits for pregnant women, treats diarrhea and resists aging and cancer due to its strong resistance to the effect of free radicals.

The carob belongs to the legume family, and carob trees grow in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, as it needs a temperate, warm environment, and gives a taste close to chocolate, so it can be used as a substitute for it, and its trees are always green throughout the year.

The tree produces carob fruits with several years of growth up to 7 years, and it is a perennial plant that lasts for decades, and these fruits contain very great nutritional value.

On this topic, we deal with many of the nutritional and health benefits provided by eating carob, in addition to explaining the diseases and health problems that can be treated, as well as its role in the prevention and protection of these diseases.

Ideal for diabetics

Carob is an ideal food for diabetics, as it helps reduce the level of sugar in the body, and some may think that the sugar content in these fruits is harmful to these patients, but the truth is that these sugars are of the appropriate and easy type that the intestine absorbs very slowly, which gives an opportunity The body discharges these quantities.

And the carob plays the role of regulating the level of sugar in the body and reduces its rate in the event of a rise, but the benefits of carob go beyond this function to the fact that it contributes to the prevention of complications of diabetes, as it protects against diabetes foot disease and other serious problems.

Eating carob saves the body from the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood, while reducing harmful triglycerides, and these problems face most people with diabetes.

The group can also be used as an alternative to cocoa and sugar in preparing some foods, because sugar and cocoa are harmful foods for diabetics, and it is preferable to use carob to sweeten drinks and make cakes and biscuits suitable for them.

There are different ways for diabetics to take carob juice, including soaking carob in boiling water, then eating it after several hours without adding sugar or sweeteners to it, and it can be eaten in its dry form without harm.

Heart health

Carob contains a good level of dietary fiber, in addition to that there is no caffeine in it, which makes it suitable for people with high blood pressure, as recent studies have shown that carob is effective in reducing blood pressure.

Doctors advise people who are surprised by high blood pressure to take carob juice, because it has a positive effect on this problem. Eating two cups of carob helps to reduce high blood pressure quickly.

Carob fruits are distinguished by their containment of phenols known for their strong ability to prevent oxidation, and thus are useful for preventing heart disease and other problems, and a previous study showed that foods rich in phenols work to reduce harmful cholesterol in the body, which is one of the factors that increase the chances of damage to the heart and blood vessels in A case of an increased level of cholesterol in the blood.

And a new study was published as a result of eating foods containing carob, which provides them with dietary fiber daily, which showed that it has the ability to reduce the level of lipids in the blood, and treat the problem of harmful hypercholesterolemia and prevent its rise at the same time.

Another study showed that the antioxidants present in the insoluble dietary fiber in carob significantly reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the body, especially in people who suffer from a constant high level.

Regular consumption of carob drink or its fruits helps to regulate heart rates at a normal level, as well as stimulate blood circulation in the body, which has a good effect on heart health in general.

Protect your kidneys

Carob is one of the food that does not put pressure on the kidneys, and does not cause it fatigue or additional effort, because it does not contain oxalate salts, which increases the chances of forming stones inside the kidneys, as well as carob contains a very small percentage of sodium, so it is not eaten frequently. It affects the body, because it does not reach the internationally recommended amount of sodium, and sodium is one of the elements that cause many problems for the kidneys, and therefore eating carob represents protection for the kidneys from any harm, compared to other foods.

Essential for pregnant women

Doctors advise pregnant women to eat carob during pregnancy, because of its great importance at this stage, because it helps to improve the state of health greatly, and can prevent many health problems, as the carob contains large quantities of iron, which works To prevent anemia, which many women fall into during this period.

Eating carob is useful in preventing pregnant women from the problem of osteoporosis, because they lose a large amount of calcium during pregnancy, as this amount is transferred to the fetus to begin to form its own skeleton, as it has a great need for calcium, whether from food or through the mother’s bones.

Carob is a good source of vitamin E, which reduces the effect of pregnancy on the skin and gives it the necessary health and vitality, and reduces the problem of abdominal cracks that occur to pregnant women as a result of large swelling.

The antioxidants present in the carob also work to prevent the many infections that a pregnant woman faces, because during this period it is difficult for her to take any chemical anti-inflammatory drugs, which
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