The benefits of bitter almond oil and its uses that keep you from medicine

The benefits of bitter almond oil and its uses that keep you from medicine

The benefits of bitter almond oil for the body are numerous, and it is considered one of the most beneficial natural oils. The benefits of almond oil in general are extracted from the almond tree that is cultivated in West Asia and North Africa, and today the tree is widely cultivated in Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, and almonds can be harvested and used, while the essential oil is also can be used in several things, There are many health benefits of bitter almond oil that we will learn about in this article.

The health benefits of bitter almond essential oil can be attributed to its properties, and among its benefits is that it can be used as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, sedative, anesthetic, diuretic, anti-cancer, antispasmodic, and many more benefits and uses that we will learn about in this article.

Ingredients of bitter almond oil:

50% of the oil squeezed from bitter almonds contains three basic ingredients: benzaldehyde, magdalene glycoside, and hydrogen cyanide (also known as hydrocyanic acid or bruceic acid) while the other fifty percent contain monounsaturated fatty acids and other components similar to those. It is found in sweet almond oil, and it is very difficult to distinguish bitter almond from sweet almond oil in appearance, but the bitter almond kernels are wider and shorter in shape than the sweet almond kernels.

Bitter almond oil contains some deadly toxins, and therefore it should be used with utmost care, and most medicinal uses are limited to external uses and internal uses are only when needed and this is done in very low doses.

Benefits of bitter almond oil:

1. It prevents the growth of fungi:

Since ancient times, bitter elements (such as quinine) have always been used as inducers, and the reason behind this is that all bitter elements contain alkaline compounds and are more or less toxic in nature, and this toxicity and bitterness effectively prevent infections caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses. In the body, this reduces fever, which is why bitter almond oil is used in very low doses to treat chronic fevers, and these applications although they are useful in reducing fever, but they can have negative effects, especially on the body.

Using this oil can make you avoid a fungal infection, and this is a good solution to avoid fungi in the skin, especially in the area of ​​the feet. So, by using this oil, it will help eliminate fungi in the affected area.

2. Kills worms:

The severe bitterness and toxic nature of bitter almond oil is very effective in killing intestinal worms, but again it should be taken with care as the effectiveness is very low, and a small amount of the oil will benefit in killing intestinal worms, but it should be used with cautions.

3. Treats convulsions:

Some studies have shown that bitter almond oil has antispasmodic properties.

4. Kills bacteria:

The two components of bitter almond oil (hydrogen, cyanide and benzaldehyde), are extremely toxic to animal life as well as to bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses, so it can be used efficiently as a bactericide, anti-viral and fungi, and it can be used in the treatment of infections related to viruses, germs and fungi.

This essential oil is anti-bacterial, which is very useful for eliminating germs, and it can help to avoid bacterial infection, moreover it can maintain the health of the body by eliminating the diseases caused by bacteria in the body, and using it externally can give The same health benefits as showering with Dettol Anti-Bacterial soap.

5. It has a calming effect:

The compound semicoside glycoside amygdalin, which is found in bitter almond oil, affects the nerves and makes them insensitive to any sensation, even pain, as this leads to numbness and anesthetic effects, however it should be applied externally for the purposes of local anesthesia only, and it should be avoided for the purpose of general anesthesia. To be a killer

6. Antiseptic:

Being toxic in nature, bitter almond oil cannot be swallowed, as if swallowed it causes frequent loose movements in the intestine and causes vomiting, and thus it was and is still in use as an effective disinfectant if any toxins are ingested and we need to get rid of them through vomiting. However, the dose used should be very low and light or it may have severe adverse effects.

7. Diuretic:

The body has a natural tendency to remove toxic substances that are inside the body through sweat, urine and excrement, so when bitter almond oil is ingested in very small quantities, the body tends to excrete it through frequent urination, and this frequent urination helps you lose weight and relax the body, and when Combined with its narcotic and sedative effects of this oil, it causes lower blood pressure.

8. Anti-cancer:

Recent research has shown that the toxicity of bitter almond oil (due to the presence of hydrogen cyanide or hydrocyanic acid) is good for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in certain types of cancer.

Bitter almond oil can help to avoid cancer cells from growing, and moreover it helps stimulate the good cells to replace the cancerous cell.

9. Antidepressant:

Bitter almond oil makes the body vital in various sensory organs, which helps to strengthen and strengthen the body, and moreover it helps to avoid stress that may lead to depression.

10. Maintaining healthy skin:

It can be used as an effective moisturizer and laxative, and through its use it can reduce the incidence of aging, and prevent cracking of the skin, so it will help in maintaining the health of the skin.

11. Maintain hair health:

Bitter almond oil is widely used in the components of hair products, as it helps to strengthen the hair, and moreover it benefits the shine of hair, so it is common to use almond oil as a hair conditioner or hair tonic, and it also has a good smell in 

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Precautions of bitter almond oil:

Despite the benefits of bitter almond oil, due to its toxic nature, it should be used with extreme caution and in very small quantities, either externally or internally. It should also not be used at all by pregnant and lactating women, infants, children, the elderly, and the sick.

You should also be careful not to take bitter almond oil with sedative medications that cause depression of the central nervous system because the interaction may be toxic or cause very severe drowsiness.

Benefits of bitter almond oil for skin and face:

Bitter almond oil has many health benefits for the skin, as its use topically on the skin works on:

Maintaining healthy skin, because it contains antioxidants, which protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and avoid skin damage.

Treatment of dark circles, by placing it around the eye with regularity for two weeks, in order to notice the result.

Treatment of darkening of the skin, by mixing it with honey and lemon juice, and placing it on the area affected by the darkening.

Treating psoriasis and eczema, by deeply moisturizing the skin, using bitter almond oil, and bitter almond oil is anti-allergic, and thus reduces skin diseases, and works to relieve symptoms such as itching.

Treating rashes, almond oil is considered a natural and highly effective treatment for rashes, compared to manufactured creams that contain zinc, because bitter almond oil is rich in zinc, and it does not have any bad side effects.

Treating bruises, as bitter almond oil helps in treating bruises that result from bursting blood vessels under the skin.

Benefits of bitter almond oil for the skin

One study showed that women who massaged the skin with bitter almond oil during pregnancy reduce stretch marks, compared to women who used the oils without massage.

It is recommended to use bitter almond oil daily, between two to three weeks, to get noticeable results.

Benefits of bitter almond oil for acne

Bitter almond oil cleans the skin and prevents the appearance of acne, as the high permeability of bitter almond oil when applied to the face, and its vitamin A content helps to get rid of dead skin, clean the pores of the face from dirt, oils, and cosmetics residues, and reduce the appearance of acne Young.

Benefits of bitter almond oil for eyelashes

The use of bitter almond oil on the eyelashes increases the vitality and luster of the eyelashes, and as a result of the richness of bitter almond oil in vitamins, it works to nourish the eyelashes, thus obtaining strong, healthy, and long eyelashes after a period of regular use.

The benefits of bitter almond oil for the sensitive area:

The vagina becomes dry and unhealthy when estrogen and progesterone are low.

Almond oil extract moisturizes the area, preventing vaginal itching, and almonds are used as an antispasmodic agent.

Almond oil can also be used after dilution, or mixed with other natural materials, in order to treat the darkening of sensitive areas, as it works to unify the color of the skin, and treat many skin problems.

Benefits of bitter almond oil for pregnant women:

Studies have proven that a 15-minute massage, using bitter almond oil, reduces the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Bitter almond oil can also be used as a skin moisturizer, to reduce skin dryness during pregnancy, and it is also used topically to massage the pubic area and the vagina, to enhance blood flow to the area, increase skin elasticity, and help the skin to stretch.

The benefits of bitter almond oil in the treatment of fungi:

Since ancient times, bitter-tasting ingredients have always been used as an antifungal.

The reason behind using bitter almond oil may be that all bitter elements contain alkaline compounds, this toxicity and bitterness, effectively prevent the growth of infection from bacteria, protozoa, or viruses in the body and thus reduce fever.

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