laser techniques in industry

laser techniques in industry

Various laser machines,they are one of the most important types of modern operating machines:

They are the most important modern machines equipped with accurate and high technology, to focus laser beams with high energy on different types of materials and cutting, drilling, printing, welding or forming parts from scratch, such as three-dimensional printers, all according to the application used and are controlled using computers on the design programs, There are differences between the types of laser machines and for this you must define the goals of their use so that you can choose the appropriate capabilities for you according to the types of materials that you work with and according to the need and application to be used.

-Various laser machines use laser beam technology and are used in industrial applications, but when it began to spread it was in small industries.

-Laser machines provide you with an unlimited number of uses that can be worked in various industries, as well as in types of industries, whether small or medium and very important in large industries, and these machines are always the first in many fields.

– The types of laser machines allow you to create many uses through control programs between the computer and machines that are easy to operate with. For example, you can create automatic designs from design programs on the computer, which are sent directly from the computer as soon as they are sent to the machine to execute the order on the materials.

-In the year 1965 the first laser diamond drilling machine was produced. This machine was manufactured by the Western Electric Engineering and Research Center and in 1970 the technology developed and expanded the use of the laser to include metals such as titanium for aircraft manufacturing.

-The production of a laser beam is accomplished by stimulating a specific material using electrical discharge. During laser stimulation, the laser beam is reflected internally by means of a partial mirror until it reaches a certain degree of energy to come out as a coherent monochromatic light beam.

usage of laser in machines:

First , laser cutting machines: the laser works by directing the laser beam through lenses and focusing the beam on the working surface, which in turn melts, evaporates, or burns, leaving the working surface clean and the final surface is very good.

Advantages of using the laser cutting machine:

The laser cutting machine has fast cutting properties and good cutting quality. They can be summarized as follows:

1) Fast cutting speed.

2) The quality and surface finish of the parts are high.

3) High cutting efficiency.

4) Environmental protection without pollution

5) Compared with the traditional method of feeding, the laser cutting machine can achieve material saving by using nesting at reasonable temperature. It can also increase production efficiency and reduce costs.

Second laser welding machines:

Laser welding or laser beam welding (LBW) is a technique of welding several metal parts using a laser. Laser welding (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is perhaps the latest addition to the growing family of welding processes. As the laser beam: directional, strong, monochromatic (of one wavelength) and coherent, all waves are in phase. Such a beam can be focused on a very small spot, which gives a very high energy density and provides the laser beam a focused heat source with a precise area and accurate depth, and this leads to the metal melting its elements in the desired area, which has a focus from the laser beam and thus this molten area begins to fuse With the other part of the metal to be welded

Some of the different types of machines that mainly use lasers:

  1. Laser machine for engraving on glass, wood or metal.
  2. Laser machines to cover metal surfaces in order to protect from damage|cladding|.
  3. Laser machines,3D printers to produce various metal and non-metallic solids.
  4. Laser devices to perform tests and analysis for patients with leukemia and treatment of many cases of them|cytophone|.
  5. Medical laser devices to perform some different operations of the eye, retinal problems, and myopia.
  6. Laser engraving and cutting machines.
  7. Laser machines to make seals on various metal materials.


Nozzles are used in all machines that use laser and these nozzles are made of:

1- Copper, which is one of the most common materials.

2- Steel

3- Stainless steel.


-In conclusion, the use of laser machines in industry is a way to ensure product quality, reduce | labor intensity and labor cost | and improve the working environment necessary for modern production. Laser machines play an important role in this.


-The results showed that most errors in laser machines are closely related to the operating order and operational environment of the high-power laser cutting machine. As high temperature can lead to moisture in the laser. In order to prevent this situation from occurring and reduce the time of equipment failure, 1-The temperature of the place in which the machine is located must be maintained and that is by maintaining the safety and temperature of the Freon chalking and this is the laser tube, 2-The stability and stability of the machine must be maintained in its place and not Move it permanently, 3- Do not overload to work on it until this does not lead to overheating of the laser tube and thus damage it, 4-Clean the machine from dust, impurities and plankton.




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