planning of factories

planning of factories

 factory planning and process design principles and models are discussed. It starts with an introductory case-study considering factory planning issues. At the beginning, the role of factory planning in supply chain and operations management is discussed. Next, factory planning processes are presented. Subsequently, the role and methods of capacity planning are considered. Furthermore, options for process flow design are elaborated. Finally, lean production systems are presented and modern trends, e.g.,

And because we are in the era of advanced industrialization, this necessitates us to impose modern and innovative methods to avoid the occurrence of production problems before they arise.


Analyze your current production processes and future requirements

Design the future Value Stream of your factory based on Lean and Smart Manufacturing principles Plan the future layout and overall material flow, using digital simulation and visualization tools Optionally we make detailed concepts and support implementation for warehouse planning, logistics planning, lean assembly line design, shopfloor management, Smart solutions, etc.


How is the planning process for a factory structure carried out:

A company can be made future-proof by developing a plant structure plan that takes both current and future products into account. Such a concept is sustainable and supports a company in the long term so that important decisions have a solid basis. Production that focuses on the value stream requires carefully planned processes, structures, and layouts. It is necessary to define affordable and energy-efficient building structures and processes, taking into account the required capacity and space requirements while allowing maximum flexibility with respect to future changes.

Importance of plant construction site:

The location of the new factory can provide a competitive advantage and has strategic importance for every company, as the location affects cost structures for example, production in a low-wage country affects the price of the product’s production and also risks depend on policy, exchange rates and currency fluctuations. Many companies operate in different countries taking advantage of the benefits in each location.

On the other hand, innovation plays another important role for business success. Proximity to universities, research areas, or other institutions involved in business can enhance incentives for innovation. Here, qualified personnel are easily reached, for example through recruitment from universities. In doing so, governments will often support specific areas with tax benefits to stimulate the development of innovation clusters. In these areas the infrastructure is well developed therefore, supplies are easily delivered to the region and finished products to the retailer, end customer or market, where the customer is located.

Which disciplines cover the design of factories:

This includes securing favorable production and manufacturing flows (for instance through material flow simulation or flow of material planning).

The guarantee of humane and social working conditions.

An optimal and adequate utilization of work surfaces and spaces.

As well as the guarantee of a high flexibility of the total construction and equipment.

The plant planning process provides and facilitates several things such as: coordinating sales, marketing, production, distribution and purchasing to meet delivery orders. The starting point for this process is the actual production system and production philosophy, in addition to company policies and governing principles – operating strategies.


The main advantage of factory planning is that materials and capacity planning are dealt with simultaneously at all levels and therefore this is a big difference from the traditional systems for managing enterprise resources, as this system provides several advantages when creating a feasible production plan that takes into account the capacity and availability of materials, in addition To the rules, priorities, and limitations in production.


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