How many types of onions do you know?

How many types of onions do you know?

How many types of onions do you know?

Onions leave their imprint, flavor and aroma on any meal, because it is the backbone of many food recipes, and once it is stirred in a little oil over the fire it raises our appetite for eating it, whatever the ingredients of the recipe used in it.

 Despite the endless number of housewives who use onions in cooking, most of them believe that it is one or two types at most, along with green onions for example, but what you do not know is that there are many types of onions that we offer you in This article will also show you how to get them in large quantities, high quality, and at the lowest prices.

Kinds of onions

 Usually many people do not pay attention to the different types of onions when buying them, and they think that all onions are valid for all foods, after knowing the different types of onions you will change your mind, take a look: –

White onion

It is the most famous one and also called Bermuda onion, and it was first cultivated in Texas, USA.

The white onion is distinguished by its thin, sugary-colored skin mixed with pale yellow, and its flesh is characterized by being crunchy, crisp and light, and its taste is pungent and spicy, despite that it is sweet in taste because it contains a small percentage of sulfur compared to yellow onions. 

 Therefore, it can be eaten raw as well as filling for pizza and various foods, and also suitable for salads and pasta.

Red onion

This type of onion is characterized by its purple color, has a tart flavor, crunchy texture, and is delicious and can be eaten raw, so delicious rings can be placed inside hamburger sandwiches or different meats and the same thing with types of salads.


It is another type of onion that many housewives ignore, and it is more like green onions in its shape, and is eaten raw. Most of its uses are in preparing various soup dishes, such as pea soup and it is also used in filling pies.

Yellow onions

It is the most common type of onion in cooking, and we can say that it is a multi-purpose onion, it has a sweet taste, and the color of its peel is closer to beige or brown, so it is also called brown.

 It contains a high percentage of sulfur, which makes it taste moderate, has a sharp flavor and is suitable for many foods and can be eaten raw, cooked or fried, so it can be a substitute for other types of onions in different recipes.

Sweet onion

It is also called Vidalia onion and is characterized by its brown and orange peel, and it is the best sweet onion and no pungent flavor, because it tastes close to yellow onions, so it can be eaten raw with sandwiches and salads.

Spanish onions

It contains less water than other types of onions, its peel is dry and tends to be brown, and its flesh is pure white, and because there is little water in it, it is the most suitable type of onion for frying and making delicious onion slices and fried rings.

Pearl onions

It is an onion used in pickling, its color is white, and it is characterized by its small size, sour and sweet taste, and it can be used in preparing meat casseroles and various dishes.

The benefits of onions

Using onions for cooking isn’t the only benefit for him. If you know its nutritional value and multiple health benefits, you will eat it daily, and here are its most important benefits:

Onions are rich in many beneficial nutrients for the body, because they contain many vitamins such as: B and C, minerals such as potassium, and low in calories.

And the fact that onions contain vitamin C makes them a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage and fights free radicals

It reduces triglycerides in the body and harmful cholesterol in the blood, so it protects against cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Onions also prevent some types of cancer, such as stomach cancer, thanks to the presence of anthocyanins. It controls blood sugar because it contains sulfur compounds and quercetin.

It protects against osteoporosis because it contains antioxidants, so women are advised to take it after menstruation.

Fights bacteria and germs that attack the body thanks to its containment of quercetin compounds.

Improves the digestive system, as it is rich in fiber and beneficial bacteria that are good for stomach health

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