Marula oil is known as the elixir of youth

Marula oil is known as the elixir of youth

What is marula oil?

It is an oil extracted from the fruits of the marula tree, and it is usually used for various purposes. For example, it is possible to use marula oil for cooking food, and it can also be used for cosmetic purposes for hair and skin.

The potential benefits of marula oil are due to its high content of antioxidants and some important nutrients, in addition to containing monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are good types of fats.

Marula oil benefits:

1- Improve hair health:

Marula oil may help improve hair health in several different ways. This type of oil may:

Moisturizing the hair and fighting dryness without leaving any greasy effect on the hair, especially when using appropriate amounts of marula oil in moderation and without excessive.

Stimulating hair growth, but it should be noted that this potential benefit is not based on any scientific studies, but rather just individual experiences from some people.

Fighting dandruff or preventing the chances of infection, due to the potential ability of this oil to moisturize the scalp and rid it of dead skin cells.

2. Improve cardiovascular health:

Because marula oil contains healthy types of fat, eating food cooked with this oil may help regulate cholesterol levels in the body, and thus reduce the chances of infection with some diseases that may affect the circulatory system, especially the following diseases: strokes, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis. arteries.

3. Fighting stretch marks:

Applying marula oil topically to the skin regularly can help improve the appearance of stretch marks or reduce the chances of developing them, especially in pregnant women who are more likely to suffer from this type of skin problem with the increase in the size of their abdomen and the advancing age of pregnancy

This type of potential marula oil benefits is attributed to the oil’s content of natural fats that may help moisturize the skin and improve its elasticity.

4. Strengthen nails:

Applying marula oil topically to the nails may help improve their appearance and improve the health of the surrounding skin, due to the healing and moisturizing properties of this oil, which may gradually work to nourish the nails and reduce the chances of the skin surrounding them with any cracks or infections.

5. Accelerate wound healing and recovery:

Because marula oil contains a good percentage of antioxidants, and because of its natural anti-bacterial properties, applying this oil topically to cuts and scrapes may help sterilize wounds and reduce the chances of infection, by preventing any germs or contaminants from entering the body through these wounds.

6. Improve the health and appearance of the skin:

Applying marula oil topically to the skin regularly may help improve its appearance and fight some of its problems, as marula oil contains chemical compounds and natural elements that may help:

Moisturizing the skin, by forming a thin layer on its surface that helps trap moisture in it and thus protect the skin from drying out.

Fighting signs of skin aging, such as: wrinkles and fine lines.

Treating acne in some people, but marula oil should be used with caution by people prone to acne, while it may be useful for some people, but it may cause skin irritation in others.

Improve the appearance of scars.

It should also be noted that marula oil is one of the oils that does not close the pores of the skin, unlike some other oils, so it is possible to use it on the face.

7-Marula oil protects the skin from external environmental factors:

Marula oil works day and night to protect your skin from the harmful effects of environmental elements such as harsh sunlight, cold winds and pollution. While you sleep, Marula Oil increases the skin’s natural renewal to undo damage, and nourishes the skin from within with a blend of nutrients to wake up to beautiful skin every morning.

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