Why is smoky amber called sea gold?

Why is smoky amber called sea gold?

What is the proximal amber oil?

Millimeter amber is one of the oldest treasures sought in the world, as it has been called “sea gold” for its shiny golden color and high value. Mild amber is extracted from a type of whale called sperm whale, and amber has long been known as one of the imperial trade materials in Africa since 1000 BC, as well. The Chinese knew it as “the dragon’s spit” and amber was known to the ancient Egyptians, who used it as incense for its fragrant smell.

Miliary ambergris is one of the pathological secretions of the sperm whale known as Vesiter macrocephalus, which it secretes due to stomach irritation. Freshly sorted amber is distinguished by its dark black color, flabby texture and revolting odor. With the simultaneous influence of sea water and air, the amber takes on a clearer form, from silvery gray. To golden yellow, its aroma becomes refined, sweet and very pleasant.

Amber is a rare and valuable substance that comes from a small percentage of sperm whales, which are huge mammals that consume massive amounts of food on a daily basis and weigh up to 50 tons. Amber is made inside the intestines of sperm whales. It is a solid, black or dark resinous substance with a sticky consistency. Over time, it turns waxy brown, then turns white.

Benefits of smoky amber oil:

Amber is considered one of the most powerful natural elements with great effectiveness to eliminate respiratory problems, including phlegm, shortness of breath, and symptoms that accompany colds and common colds, including cold and flu. It is considered very useful for the health of the digestive system, on top of which is getting rid of bloating problems, as it is a gas repellent, and is a natural laxative and laxative by drinking or fat, and it is also one of the best natural elements that rid the body of accumulated toxins in it, and is a diuretic, and comfortable for the intestines and stomach.

1-Treating sleep disorders and insomnia:

Amber has helped to fall asleep, thanks to its pleasant smell, so it is recommended to sprinkle drops of the perfume of smokey amber on sleeping pillows to spread its aroma that helps improve the mood of people who suffer from insomnia to get a peaceful sleep for hours.

2-Heart health support:

Amber helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, which contributes to the prevention of blockage of blood vessels, which is the number one cause of heart disease.

3-Kidney disease treatment:

Studies have proven that military amber is an effective treatment that helps diuresis, so it is recommended for use by kidney patients or cases who suffer from stones or blockage of the ureter.

4-Benefits of amber for children:

-Soothe infant teething pain:

The amber itself does not reduce the pain of teething, but there is a special substance inside the amber called succinic acid, which is contained within the amber oil.

-The speed of falling asleep:

The aromatic scent of amber and its soothing properties help the baby feel relaxed and fall asleep quickly.


-Improving thyroid function:

There is a common belief that wearing an amber necklace helps improve thyroid function.

-Increase focus:

Amber helps stimulate the brain in children, develop mental abilities and the ability to learn.

Smoky amber uses:

Perfume Industry Amber has always been highly prized in the perfume industry because it has a unique scent that is able to give any perfume blend an unparalleled and long-lasting fragrance, preventing it from fading too quickly. The manufacture of pain-relieving medicines, amber, is also used as a medical additive in the manufacture of a number of medical materials that help to get rid of infections that affect bones, joints and rheumatic diseases, as well as as a flavoring material for a number of medical drugs. Cosmetics industry, millet amber is one of the basic materials used in the preparation of cosmetic materials specialized in hair and skin care due to its fragrant smell and important cosmetic benefits.

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