What is camphor oil and its benefits in alternative medicine?

What is camphor oil and its benefits in alternative medicine?

What is eucalyptus oil?

Camphor essential oil is obtained during the camphor extraction process from two types of camphor trees, and the different components of camphor essential oil are alcohol, borneol, pinene, camphene, camphor, terpene, and safrole.

Eucalyptus oil benefits:

1- Promote healthy skin:

As we mentioned, eucalyptus oil is used in the manufacture of some skin products from creams that are used to treat the problem of irritation and itching that accompanies it,Camphor oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that in turn help treat skin infections.

In addition, eucalyptus oil increases the elasticity of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.

2- Pain relief:

Putting eucalyptus oil on your skin will help you reduce the pain associated with annoying skin problems, such as: infections.

3- Help treat burns:

If you have some type of burn, eucalyptus oil can help treat it.

Before using eucalyptus oil for this purpose, consult your physician.

4- Contribute to the treatment of arthritis:

Eucalyptus oil eliminates toxins and stimulates blood circulation. Thus, the use of eucalyptus oil can contribute to reducing pain and swelling caused by arthritis, rheumatic diseases and gout.

5- Fight nail fungus:

Eucalyptus oil has antifungal properties as well, thus it is used in the manufacture of medicines intended to treat nail fungus.

6-Camphor oil stimulates blood circulation:

Camphor helps activate the body and the vital functions of digestion and metabolism, and regulate body secretions, so it helps treat those who suffer from indigestion or an increase in burning rates, and it also stimulates blood circulation.

7-Eucalyptus oil is antiseptic and antibacterial:

Camphor is used as an antiseptic and a killer of harmful microbes. For example, it can be added to drinking water to disinfect it. Camphor oil is also added to many skin and skin products as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


Camphor oil has the ability to eliminate insects by either adding it to insecticides, or you can dip a piece of cloth in it and leave it in the air to expel insects, as well as massage the skin with it to protect against mosquito bites.

9-cough suppressant:

Camphor is used as a cough suppressant in cold and flu symptoms, it can be used topically by massaging it on the chest to have a strong effect on the lungs and airways, it can also be inhaled to treat cough.

10-gas repellent:

Camphor helps treat gas by preventing its formation, or expelling it from the body completely in a natural and healthy way.

11-local anesthetic:

Camphor oil can be used as a natural local anesthetic to relieve strong pain, because it works to soothe the nerves, and it can also be used in other neurological diseases such as convulsions and epilepsy.

12-Camphor oil is soothing and anti-inflammatory:

Camphor is used as an anti-inflammatory because of its sedative effect, so it treats all types of internal and external infections. It also helps to relax, calm the nerves, clear the mind, and restore activity and vitality.


The strong aromatic smell of camphor helps it act as a vasodilator and an anti-congestion, so it helps treat congestion in the airways, throat, throat, nose, and lungs.

14-rheumatism treatment:

Camphor activates blood circulation in all parts of the body, so it helps treat rheumatism, gout and arthritis.


Camphor is effective and has a strong and rapid effect in treating cramps and relieving their pain.

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