Carrots have many benefits for skin and hair

Carrots have many benefits for skin and hair

Carrot oil benefits for skin:

Carrot oil is an essential oil extracted from the seeds of the carrot plant, which is used primarily as an aromatherapy to relieve stress and tension.

Carrot oil was also used in folk medicine in the past because of its benefits on the skin and hair, and we will specialize in this article by mentioning the benefits of carrot oil for the skin, 

1- Contribute to the treatment of some skin diseases:

Carrot oil has antibacterial properties because it contains alpha-pinene, so it is used in antibacterial medicinal ointments and creams without harming the layers of the skin.

Carrot oil may also contribute to the treatment of many infections and skin diseases, such as: eczema, and fungal infections, as it also possesses antifungal properties.

2- Delaying the appearance of signs of aging on the skin:

One of the benefits of carrot oil for the skin is that it delays the appearance of signs of aging on the skin, such as: wrinkles, and pigmentation, because it contains many antioxidants.

3- Reducing acne:

Carrot oil contains good levels of vitamin A, which has a very effective role in treating acne. Carrot oil can be used instead of ointments that contain vitamin A.

4- Skin Moisturizing:

One of the benefits of carrot oil for the skin is that it moisturizes it, due to the ability of carrot oil to penetrate the skin and form a protective layer, so it is used as an effective moisturizer for the skin, and it may also help in treating skin problems, such as: stretch marks, dry and cracked skin.

How to use carrot oil for skin:

To get the benefits of carrot oil for the skin, it must be used in the right way, which is represented by the following steps:

– Mix 12 drops of crude carrot oil with 30 milliliters of any type of carrier oil. Carrier oil means oil that has a high degree of absorption into the skin, such as: olive oil and coconut oil.

– The oil is applied to the skin to be treated for 15-20 minutes.

– Wash the skin with warm water and then with cold water to close the pores and tighten it.

– The process is repeated daily if the treatment needs to do so, i.e. in cases of treating acne and skin infections, but if the goal is moisturizing, twice a week is sufficient.

What are the benefits of carrot oil for hair?

The benefit of consuming carrots on human health in general, and on the digestive system, teeth and eyes in particular, has been proven. Carrot oil is available in several forms, including oil derived from carrot seeds or from its roots.

Carrot oil benefits for hair:

Carrot oil contains many vitamins, such as: vitamin A, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, which are important nutrients for hair health.

1- Increase hair growth and density and protect it from damage:

One of the benefits of carrot oil for hair is to increase hair density, as the frequent use of carrot oil helps to grow hair faster and thicker, as vitamin E promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss, and also protects the scalp and hair cells from external damage.

2- Protection from hair breakage:

Carrot oil protects against split ends of the hair and contributes to stopping breakage, as it contains vitamin A, which contributes to preventing split ends.

3- Contribute to stopping hair loss:

The role of carrot oil in stopping hair loss has been proven due to its contribution to strengthening the roots in the scalp.

4- Maintain healthy and shiny hair:

Because of its role in promoting blood circulation, carrot oil keeps the hair healthy from external factors, such as: environmental pollution, UV rays and the outdoors.

The use of hair conditioner containing carrot oil also helps to make the hair more shiny and soft. Carrot oil or hair products containing it are used to nourish and soften the hair, as it contains vitamin A, which maintains the shine and softness of the hair.

5- Maintain hair moisture:

Repeated use of carrot oil has been proven to maintain the moisture of the scalp and hair, because beta-carotene stimulates the scalp follicles to produce oils or sebum (Sebum).

6- Reducing dandruff:

Due to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of carrot oil, regular use of carrot oil helps relieve dandruff from the scalp.

How to use carrot oil for hair?

Carrot oil is included in many hair care products, such as: shampoos and creams, and it is also included in the hair conditioner because it contains beneficial nutrients.

To enjoy the benefits of carrot oil for hair, it can be used in home mixtures, where it is recommended to put it twice a week on the hair as follows:

Carrot oil massage:

You can use carrot oil for hair easily as follows:

1- Warm a few drops of carrot oil.

2- Gently massage the scalp and ends of the hair.

3- Leave it on the hair for 60 minutes and then wash the hair with shampoo.

Carrot oil hair wash with apple cider vinegar:

You can prepare a hair wash as follows:

1- Mix 2 cups of water with 4 drops of carrot oil and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

2- Wash the hair with shampoo, then shake the mixture well and then apply it to the hair to wash it with it.

3- Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

Carrot oil mask with coconut oil:

Follow these steps to use carrot oil for hair:

1- Dilute 4 drops of carrot oil in 4 tablespoons of coconut oil.

2- Massage the resulting mixture on the scalp.

3 -Comb the hair, cover it with a plastic cap, and leave the mask on the hair for at least two hours before washing it.

change hair color:

The use of carrot oil in South India is famous for turning gray hair into black, by:

1- Mix 100 milliliters of carrot oil with a few tablespoons of fenugreek powder, then add a few drops of sesame oil.

2- Leave the mixture in the sun for 3 weeks.

3- Use the mixture on your hair for at least 3 months.

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